Paracord Gun Slings – Core Survival

Paracord Gun Sling

The best camo gun sling on the market! Just use the clips to attach to your rifle or shotgun swivels. Easy to attach, easy to use, prepare yourself for your outdoor adventure.



Made with high quality 280lb camo paracord for high density, superior, long-lasting quality.

Adjustable design for rapidly adding or removing paracord gun sling tension.

Adjustable rope length to be used for survival situations as a strap, lanyard, safety rope, suitable for outdoor sports


Specifications: Material: paracord + strap + metal

Color: Black, Army, Army Camo, Desert, Sand

Max length: 5.25'

Paracord width: 1.5"

Weight(item without packing): .5 lb

Package Includes: 1 x tactical paracord gun sling