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Water Storage

Water Storage

The Importance of Water Storage

Water is one of the basic needs of humans and among the most important elements of life. It is essential for numerous reasons. It is needed for hydration in order to survive. People have to drink water regularly in order to replenish the loss of liquid in the body and to quench the thirst.

Water is vital to a human body. Purified water is needed for optimum health. It is also used for other important activities of men such as bathing, cleaning and cooking.

Water can come from rain, stream or through other sources. Water is...

Disaster Planning, Management, & Recovery (Part 2)

Disaster Planning, Management, & Recovery (Part 2)

Choosing Between Two Types of Disaster Management Plan

Disaster management according to most experienced emergency and disaster responders is a complex system of preparation. As most people would say, “how would you be able to prepare your self for something that you do not know?” Complicated as it may sound but effective disaster management planning actually takes seventy five percent of common sense and, a surprising, twenty five percent premonition. More often than not, disaster management fails because the emergency team has left out that petty but important 25% of premonition.

In reality, two things might come in an emergency. It...

Wilderness Survival Tips From A Former Homeless Person

Wilderness Survival Tips From A Former Homeless Person

Wilderness Survival Tips From A Former Homeless Person


The definition of “wilderness” varies from person to person.  But, whether you are in the city or in the jungle, “wilderness” is where you are alone against whatever surroundings you find yourself stranded in.  Part of the reason I’m still alive is because I took the wilderness survival tips from ex-military personnel.


Conserve Your Resources


The best wilderness survival tip anyone can give you is to conserve your resources as much as possible, because you never know how long they have to last you.  Resources do not only mean...

Surviving in an Extremely Cold Environment

Hypothermia Education: Survival in an Extremely Cold Environment


In an outdoor environment where the weather can get cold or hot, possible things may occur to outdoor people. When the weather is extremely hot, it may not be advisable to exercise under the heat of the sun as this could cause hyperthermia. It can lead a person to death although he who experiences it can be treated. Hospitalization could be required when a person experiences hyperthermia.


A contrary to hyperthermia is hypothermia. This is characterized by a drop in body temperature. People could experience shivering and numbness in some...

Mental Focus

Surviving the Wilderness Mentally

Many people think that surviving the outdoors has to do with survival skills alone, however they couldn’t be further from the truth. To be able to successfully survive the wilderness you also have to have a great deal of mental survival skills. For many people, when they become lost, a ton of different emotions evolve, whether it is being scared, helpless, or even angry. The most important part about surviving the wilderness is being able to put those negative emotions away and keep a calm, cool, and steady head. Here are a few tips to live...